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Dristhi is one’s world view.  Self realized perspective and interpretation of one's surroundings.  Drishti is both with and without form, and can be physical and visual, or it can be referred to as the focus or point of view of the mind.  Drishti’s relationship to the mind’s eye is related to its definition as knowledge or wisdom.  It is a means of developing concentrated intention, the ability to cut through illusion and see the world as it is.   

I would like my viewer to interpret their own story or feeling evoked by the imagery and designs.  The viewer's dristhi merges with the art bringing the piece to life.   The reflective gold-leaf surrounding the figure aids as a obscure mirror (self-awareness through the viewer’s reflections) at the same time it bringing "focus" to the colors and imagery.   The gold also represents the divine, that we try so hard to reach but we are unaware that it surrounds us.  I share in these 10 pieces with you, my drishti.   

I would like to keep the 10 pieces of art together as a one piece of art however, I am willing to part with each one individually as well. All ten pieces are framed.  8 x 8 in (art); 10x10 (frame); $100 each; $1000 for all 10.

Dristhi: of nature

SKU: 0028